Case Study

Wheel Change U – Newcastle

Wheel Change U Newcastle are a local franchise that make all your tyre and wheel hassles disappear. Their services include coming to you, wherever you are and assisting with repairing and replacing your tyres. As a mobile business, they take the stress out of having to visit a workshop for your tyre concerns.

Their team is able to come to your office, workshop or job site and complete your annual tyre checks, replacements and fix any concerns you have with your tyres.

They can also repair and replace on the side of the road, when you have an unexpected blown tyre.

Together we build strategy

Wheel Change U Newcastle came to us wanting to target their online marketing to capture businesses that have fleets of vehicles and gain relationships with them. To build their business through corporate accounts and build long lasting relationships.

We were able to assist in doing this via their social media marketing.

How did we help Wheel Change U Newcastle?

Their strategy included posting across Facebook and LinkedIn 3 times per week.

We included posts that were both engaging and informative to the readers.

The engagement and interaction on their social media accounts blossomed and the results that have been coming through have been fantastic.

Their customer base is growing, they are receiving more enquiries and leads and the team could not be happier.

A strong social media strategy has helped to build this franchise to new levels.

If you are....

Someone that is spending too much time doing their own socials


Someone that is not consistent because they don't like or understand social media

I don't have time for it

It's doesn't work for my business



Don't use social media to impress people.

Use it to Impact people.