Case Study

Today, Tomorrow & Always


Allison & I met through a local networking group in July 2019. We connected and I became very interested in her DNA Artistry business and her mission. The mission of Today, Tomorrow & Always is to create memories you can hold.

Today tomorrow & always is a product based business which purchases are often driven by emotion.


Didn’t enjoy social media

Didn’t know what to share on social media, Comparisonitis

Didn’t have time

Raising four kids and run a business, Allison’s time was valuable.

No consistency

Unsure of what content to share.



To the Rescue

Implemented a social media strategy to post consistently and intentionally addressing the pain points of her clients and take them on a journey on how Allison can help them by creating memories you can hold.



What does it look like?

Create 3 posts a week that hit the pain points of the followers.

Monthly strategy sessions

Plan & Strategise relevant Facebook groups to share the posts to

Facebook Lives

One of my Favs

Results to Date


Increase in Page Likes


Increase in Average Weekly Engagement


Increase in Average Monthly Reach

If you are....

Someone that is spending too much time doing their own socials


Someone that is not consistent because they don't like or understand social media

I don't have time for it

It's doesn't work for my business



Don't use social media to impress people.

Use it to Impact people.