Case Study

Stephanie – Dalton Partners

Who is Steph?

Steph is a real estate agent with Dalton Partners servicing the Newcastle and surrounding areas. Steph has a strong reputation within the industry and has helped may individuals with starting their next journey. Whether it is purchasing their first home, selling a house or purchasing an investment property – Steph is the person to call.

What have we done for Steph?

We have helped Steph to create a successful social media campaign for her business. We use both Instagram and Facebook for Steph to increase the exposure that she has and to increase the number of followers that she has.

We post 3 times per week on Steph’s social media accounts and have seen amazing results with the number of followers she has, the reactions on her posts and the interaction on the posts.

We have been working with Steph for a number of months now and the monthly results that are coming through continue to out beat the previous month. We are excited to be a part of the growth and expansion of Steph’s business and her online presence.

“I have had a few comments from followers that is great to see the content being posted.

I would recommend Jess as she is very professional & creative.

Jess takes the time to understand your business and takes on any feedback to make sure we get the right content.

She is consistent and easy to work with.”


What are the benefits of having a social media manager for Steph?

Steph knew how important it was to be utilising social media for her business. She knew the potential was there, but she also knew that you needed to be consistent and regular with your posting. Something she simply didn’t have time for.

This is why she got in contact and asked for assistance with her social media. She wanted to be about to impact the market and show she was a leader in the industry. But her time restraints made it impossible for her.

Being in Real Estate means that people may not need your services in the here and now, but you need to be at the top of someone’s list when they are ready to commit. This is where an active social media campaign has come in handy for Steph. Her future potential clients are able to see valuable information coming from her on a regular basis and they will have her name fresh in their minds when they are ready to engage an agent.

The Results


Increase In Post Reach


Increase In Engage Audience


Decrease in Time Spent Managing Social Media

If you are....

Someone that is spending too much time doing their own socials


Someone that is not consistent because they don't like or understand social media

I don't have time for it

It's doesn't work for my business



Don't use social media to impress people.

Use it to Impact people.