You are not just one woman; you are four extraordinary ones

Life can feel like organised chaos and a rollercoaster of emotions. 

A few years ago I discovered Soul Modes® which is the understanding of an energetic pattern we shift through as women. It is another layer to our emotional and motivational intelligence. 

It is another tool that we can add to our tool belt in our many roles in life; mothers, friends, bosses, partners. 

This framework is an amazing road map to empower you to live your life to full capacity. 

Let me introduce you to;

Wild Mode, Bear Mode, Super Mode, Sparkle Mode.

The key is to recognise the state you are in so you can predict what is coming next. You will literally be able to predict your future and be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared.  

Are you ready to know what is coming?

The Ultimtate guide to Soul Modes is an ebook that will introduce you to the four incredible women you have within. 

Once you meet these ladies, your life will never be the same. 


We Can Do it All

Soul Modes is perfect for you no matter what level of you are on.

It is like a video game; you just keep unlocking new levels.

 This is living life by design


day to day

Are you ready to understand yourself on a whole new level?

til death do us part

Are you ready to communicate on a whole new level?

mum life

Are you ready to be the best parent possible?


Are you ready to be incredibly productive and scale your business?


Are you leading a team of highly engaged and high performing women?

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

I know what I need. 

Every single day. 

Soul Modes® helps me navigate the daily tasks and my calendar to be most productive in my business and in my life. 

As a result of  embracing the Soul Modes® Framework;

  • I am less impulsive
  • I grow deeper
  • I am structured in life and business 
  • I connect vividly

I now know that I am not out of control, crazy or broken. 

Are you ready to understand another layer of you and the people around you?



Solutions For Every Need

Are you ready to start the journey?

Leadership & business

Soul Modes is a game changer for female teams of 5 or more. Increase productivity, open communication and build a strong culture.


Everyday Empowerment

Understanding yourself will catapult your success in every area of your life. Consider Soul Modes to be your very own crystal ball. 

the teenage years

That piece of advice I would share with 15 year old me is Soul Modes. During the adolescent years, emotions and hormones are running rife. What if you could give your daughter a tool to bring awareness to her feelings at a soul level. 


Ways to get started with soul modes