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Working with spirit will often affirm what you already know deep in your soul when you are looking for answers. A reading can give you clarity, connection and closure. 



Reiki Level 1


Life and Business Coach


Motivational Speaker

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Readings are for guidance only and subject to your own personal interpretation. A reading is not intended to constitute any legal, medical, relationship, psychological, personal or professional advice.

How  Does Jess work? 

Jess is a psychic medium and life coach. Spirit communicates with Jess through audio dialogue and sense. Jess also uses a range of oracle cards designed to share messages with you. 

Jess also uses her intuition and abilities to decipher the messages for you. 

Jess discovered her gift in 2019 and has been tuning in to her gift over the recent years.  


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Newcastle NSW 2280

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