Bold - Soul-Led Mentor - Jess Byrnes

Are you ready to make your next BOLD move?

Business can be tough.

Are you sick of wearing all the hats?

It can be hard to know which direction to go in because as creatives and entrepreneurs we have 

Are you ready for some BOLD Support?

What does Bold Stand For? 


Beliefs and Back-Up

Smash your limiting beliefs and know that I have your back. I am in your corner. I am here to listen to you and support you in your journey. We are here to work together and get things moving. 


Open and Honest Communication

I am here to listen but also be a sound board for your ideas and challenges. 
During the program, we will face the fears and challenges and celebrate the wins along the way. 


You have all the answers you need inside of you. We will leverage your concepts with excellence. 

Delegate and Plan

This is where we get ready to scale and achieve great things. 
We will generate a solid plan for you to action the top things that will impact the business and bottom line directly. 


A bit about Jess

Hey, I’m Jess. I have run a successful digital marketing business since 2017. 
Prior to managing Totally Unleashed, I had a corporate career with over 10 years experience in sales, marketing and logistics exposing me to some of the best marketers and plans in the industry.  
From managing customer service levels and expectations, processing claims and damages and coordinating third party businesses. Communicating with large corporate clients and improving internal processes to streamline and improve business practices. 
Life-long learning is an important value so in 2020, I invested in myself and became a qualified soul modes mentor which allows me to help you understand your flow and manage your energies. 

This is not for you if:

You procrastinate

You don’t want to get stuff done

Want to get someone else to do it for you

If you are not commited to making a difference in the world.

You are my people if:

You are ready to get on with your business

If you need some help with a plan and ready to execute it

No excuses attitude but understand we need to shift some beliefs to get you on your way.

What’s included? 

 Free 15 minute consultation to make sure we are the right fit

Weekly 60 minute sessions for 12 weeks 

Zoom meetings recorded for you to review if you need it. 

Voxer support Monday – Friday for the whole 12 weeks

Full support in all things Marketing, Social Media, Networking, Mindset and so much more

I found Jess at a time where I was pulling my hair out within my business. I’d not owned a business before and was learning the hard way, sink or swim. Cue panic. I knew where I was and where I wanted to get to but had no clue how to get from A-B.

I sat down with Jess and she explained the steps to take to build my brand and community and the importance of leveraging social media in this. That was the tip of the iceberg. She quickly became my go to person for all questions I had and many 1:1 daily coaching followed.

Not only has she helped grow that business but she’s helped me start 2 other businesses with a charity to come later in the year that helps parents who lose babies in pregnancy, stillbirth or during infancy.

She always has the answers to my questions and takes the time to map out plans with me so that I understand the road we’re driving down. I love this because although I usually get her to take care of most things, I like to understand what I’m outsourcing.

She is always professional yet approachable and I’d recommend her to anyone and everyone ready to level up in business or to figure out the next step within their business.

I’m yet to hit the depths of her pool of knowledge in such a huge range of all things business and she has become an invaluable part of all of my businesses.


Owner & Founder, Today Tomorrow & Always


What is a soul modes mentor?
I want to introduce you to four women.
These women are extraordinary and getting to know them will change you forever.
The first is fiery. She takes no bullshit. She knows exactly what she wants and she’s willing to do what it takes to get it. She’s clear and she’s courageous. The fire in her belly burns bright.
I call her the wild one.
The second is deep like the ocean. She is fully tuned in to her own inner landscape. She understands the power of stillness and she moves slowly and with intention. She is a deep thinker and notices when her own limitations are revealing themselves so that they can be shed. She values comfort, softness and quiet reflection.
I call her the bear.
The third is powerful. She is confident and capable. She’s a leader and thinks very clearly. She’s efficient, organised and plans things out with precision. She’s got it all together and is the epitome of an independent woman.
I call her the superhuman.
The fourth is all love and light. Her vibe is high and she radiates gratitude and beauty. She knows true empathy and connects deeply and intimately. She is fun and warm and playful. She loves to nurture herself and all beings.
I call her the sparkly fairy.
When these four women work together, towards a common goal, they are unstoppable.
When they pull in four different directions, things don’t work so well.
Here is the life-changing part.
You already know these women.
They are inside YOU. 

Every one of them lives within you.
Right now, one of them is running the show.
Your wild woman, your bear, your superhuman or your sparkly fairy.
They all get a turn. They cycle through, taking it in turns, maybe a few days at a time, maybe only a few hours.
Wild. Bear. Super. Then, sparkle.
It’s why you feel like a motivational roller coaster.
It’s why sometimes you feel like a powerhouse one day, and then next you feel like a train wreck.
It’s why you might have even wondered at times whether you might be crazy.
You’re not crazy.
You’re magic.
Once you get to know your four inner women, you can get them working together. 
I am here to guide you using this modality.