Facebook Totally Unleashed

This is for you if

you want to have a greater understanding of email marketing and the role it can play in your business.

you are looking for another revenue stream in your business


Chapter 2 : Growing your list with a lead magnet and the importance of tagging

What is a lead magnet, how to design an irresistible offer, where to promote the lead magnets. How to tag each new contact and why it is important. 

Chapter 3 : Common Myths and Mistakes of Email Marketing

Is email marketing dead? How to make sure you don’t end up in the spam or junk folder. 
What you can and can’t do with your contact list 
Email Marketing and the Law & GDPR

2hrs. 27min.

Chapter 4 : Series & Sequences

The sales funnel process explained and how to get your ideal customer from start to finish.


Chapter 5 : Newsletters and Blast Emails

 what are they, templates, how to repurpose content to reach a wider audience, what is a good open rate and conversion rate? 


Jess Byrnes


Ex corporate to boss with a successful marketing business in under three years! Jess swapped out the suits for the sweatpants to create a thriving online business assisting Entreprenuers with their social media and digital marketing.
A range of business qualifications and hands on experience with some of Australia’s largest organisations, Jess is here to take you on a journey to level up your email marketing game!

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