The Freedom Evolution:

Live Life on Your Terms running your own business!

“I am over here building my Empire if you need me”

I am here to help you build an empire as well and here is why….

10 years in Sydney working for big corporate companies. Day in and Day out, 9am – 5pm, giving it my all. I am a very passionate person and loved what I did but forever frustrated with the slow pace of change and improvement. There were hundreds of hoops to jump through and it often felt like I was having a tantrum. 

 A tantrum for a cause that wasn’t mine. 

Working 50+ hours a week, 4 hours a day on a train and suddenly finding out I was pregnant the true colours came out. I received a letter to say that I was no longer required in the business after I left for maternity leave. I felt used and unappreciated
I realised this was not the life for me. This was not the life I wanted for my family.  I took matters into my own hands and now I run a very successful and sustainable social media business…. and you can too. 

I remember feeling sick going to work. 
Dragging myself out of bed. 
Missing out on events because of the hours and the travel. 

It’s not like that any more. 

What is my life like now?

I work from home most days, sometimes even in my PJs with full flexibility. I work with so many industries and I get to meet incredible people every day. Their passion and excitement for their business fuels my desire to serve and help them. 
I get to take my daughter swimming every week and watch her grow and develop. 
I go to the hairdressers twice a week to get them to wash my crazy ‘fro just because.

On the days I need a little bit of extra love and me time, I take myself to get a massage and fill my cup! 

My happiness is the key to running my own business and this gave me the freedom and the flexibility to be the best version of myself possible. 

Using this formula I was booked out in 3 months

This program is perfect for you if:


  • You have no motivation to go to work in the mornings 
  • You miss out on important milestones with your family because you have to work
  • You want financial freedom
  • You feel insecure about your current job position
  • You feel unappreciated or unheard in the workplace
  • There is stress or tension in your relationship 
  • You have a knowing and calling that you are destined for more
  • You are ready to take control of your life and live on your terms

This program is not for you if:


  • You are just lazy
  • You are not here to serve and have an impact
  • You need someone to hold your hand.

This business has given me the freedom and flexibility  I was craving and the lifestyle I dreamed of.

You can have it too!

What do you get from The Freedom Evolution Program?

Week 1 : Aligning your energies & Attract

Designing the lifestyle you want

Identify your strengths and skills 
Zoom Q & A

Week 2 : Be clear in your message and who you are talking to

Craft your sales copy 

Research who you want to work with and what problems you solve
Zoom Q & A


Week 3: Where to find clients?

The are hundreds of businesses ready and waiting for what you have to offer. In this module, we will cover where you find them and the exact strategy I used to be booked out in 3 months. 

Zoom Q & A

Week 4: Create your unique offers?

What are you going to sell? 
We take all the things you are good at and love to do package it up. 
Zoom Q & A



Week 5 : Totally Unleashed Instagram

Get Access to the Totally Unleashed Instagram Course 
Zoom Q & A 

Week 6 : Totally Unleashed Facebook

Get Access to Totally Unleashed Facebook Course 

Zoom Q & A

Week 7 : Totally Unleashed Email Marketing

Get Access to Totally Unleashed Email Marketing Course 
Zoom Q & A


  • Voxer Support in between sessions
  • Online community
  • Work from home – the need to knows – BONUS 

Buy Now – Pay In Full

Payment Plan – 1 payment of $500 and $151 for 7 weeks
Total: $ 1555

Only 5 places at this introductory price! 

Save your spot today.