“Your social pages are your digital shop front; do you have your best products on show? ” – Jess Byrnes

For entrepreneurs just starting out that need a social media presence but are not ready to engage a social media manager.

“How do I write great content for social media ?” is one of my frequently asked questions when I talk about what I do in social media land.

For some people, they would rather pull teeth than write content for their social media pages however there is a method to the madness. I have created an easy to follow and adapt course which will help align you to your social media content strategy and generate leads through building a demonstration of your knowledge and placing yourself as an authority across your social media platforms.


What is included?

Module 1: Social Media Tool Kit
What are the tools, resources, information do you need before creating your content plan

Module 2: How to decide what to write about?

What are you going to focus on for the month and how to work it out?

Module 3: Pillars of posts & Your business
What are the key pillars when creating content for your business?

Module 4: Types of posts

What are the different types of posts you can have and what type of engagement do they drive?

Module 5: Creating a schedule

How many times a week are you going to post and on what platforms?

Module 6: Call to actions

What are call to actions and where do I direct my social media traffic?

Module 7: Graphics and Grids

How can I create great looking graphics to ensure my feed is consistent and professional?

Module 8: Where should I be posting

Understanding the different platforms and places to post.

Is this course delivered in real time?

The course is pre-recorded and available for you to work at your own pace. As the 9th of June it is a live round and the course will be released gradually you will have the opportunity to ask questions in the Facebook Group for Jess to respond within 24 hours.  

Where do I log in to access the course?

Organic Social Media Totally Unleashed is hosted through a Facebook Group using the units/guides component. Once you have paid you will be invited to join on the 8th of June 2021. 

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access. You will get any additional trainings that are added onto the group.

Who's Jess?

Jess has been serving clients with content writing for 3 years with great success and would love to teach others that are not ready to outsource how to write a detailed content plan and execute appropriately to see results. 


Launch Week 4th October 2021