Email Marketing

If you do not yet have an email marketing campaign in place STOP what you are doing and start building one.

Do you want a way where you can increase your audience & sales yet decrease the amount of time that you are spending following up?

We all know how busy being a business owner is. There are so many elements to look after and at times things like building an audience and following up with leads can fall through the cracks.

By using email marketing, YOU can get back in control and start to see proven results.

How do you like to receive information from businesses you are interested in? A phone call normally comes at an inconvenient time. An email you can check when it suits you.

Did you know Email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media, according to a study done by McKinsey & Company. … Moreover, it is also said that they prefer to receive business information via email. **

By building an email list you are able to create email content to send to them with the latest updates, new products or services and build a relationship with them.

Email marketing 1


Newsletters are a great way to show your audience what you have to offer. It is a way to showcase your products or services and let your audience know of the latest updates.

We want to help YOU create the content that is not only relevant to your business, but will also help convert into sales.

  • We can create a strategy for your newsletters

  • We work with you to create an action plan for your newsletters

  • We help create a newsletter that will stand out and increase open rates

  • Need help with the content? We can assist with content creation

  • We can take the stress away by scheduling the emails to ensure they are going out at the appropriate times.

email marketing 2

Newsletter content

Once the design is complete, it is time for the content.

Whether you have designed the newsletter yourself or if we helped with it – help is available for the content as well.

·        We create engaging content that gets the reader wanting to know more.

·        We can create catchy titles to increase open rates.

·        We understand the need for backlinks and images throughout the email and use them where needed.

Email Sequences & Automation

The idea of email automations and sequences may sound like a lot of time and effort, however it is proven that those who have emails set up to follow up and engage the audience have a higher conversion rate.

Email sequences, also known as auto-responders are the series of emails that go to the customer either welcoming them to your funnel, offering a discount or reminding them they didn’t check out with your items yet.

There are a number of different sequences you can create and we can work with you to create a plan that works for your business.

By automating these emails it means that they are hearing from you on a regular basis, you are staying fresh in their thoughts and best of all – you don’t have to lift a finger!