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Life Coaching

Life is a roller-coaster of a journey and each of us have different levels of experience. I work with businesses and individuals who would love to take control back. 

I can help coach you elements of life you are working through. There are topics we can cover such as relationships, finances, parenthood, balance, time management and so much more.

What are the benefits of life coaching?

There are so many benefits to just having someone in your corner and the most basic answer is that you have someone in your corner. The long answer is to provide you with accountability, strategies and tactics to keep moving forward and to lean on someone that has already travelled the path you are paving the way for. Some benefits include 

  • increased self confidence and faith in yourself
  • better self awareness – manage emotions better
  • improvement of time management
  • provide perspective and so much more. 
Is Life Coaching worth it?

It is an investment into you. Are you worth it? 

It can be very confronting at times to discover your edges and embrace the growth you are about to engage with and you need to be prepared to be vulnerable and openminded to see the growth and change old patterns.

Who do you work with?

I work heavily with women in business however I enjoy working with men to see their progress also. 

The framework that I work with, Soul Modes (R), is feminine core based however it provides a unique perspective that can benefit men to understand communication styles and foster better relationships with the females in their world. 

The first step is to have a discover call conversation and see if we are compatible. 

Networking Coaching

It’s one thing to attend a networking event but to ‘work the room’ successfully can be a challenge in itself. 
As president of my BNI chapter and an ambassador of a BNI chapter in Newcastle, I proudly support members in this network as part of their membership fees to make the most out of networking. Understanding who the right contacts are and asking the right questions is imperative to your success in business. 


Why is networking so important

 Not every one is a natural born conversationalist or extroverted (like me tongue-out)  and knowing the right questions to ask is the key to successful networking exchanges. One introduction and conversation can change your entire business and trajectry of  your ventures. 

It can lead to opportunities you may not have access to – six degrees of  seperation plays an important role here. 


Is it worth joining a paid networking group

Absolutely! When you financially invest in something it generally will allow you and the others to be more committed and it is true with paid networking groups. 

My personal experience is that my business survived the pandemic due to the support and commitment of myself and those in my networking room. However, an important step is finding the rignt group for you – I can help you with that. 

Business Coaching

Are you feeling lost and out of control in your business? Are you lacking direction and feel like it is ground hog day? I work with so many business owners who need a reset and to get back on track. 
When working with me, we will uncover the challenges you are facing in your business and talk strategy and tactics and then put a plan in place to take back the reigns and move forward. 

What types of businesses do you work with?

Primarily, service based businesses. This is my genius zone of support

Who are your mentors?

Learning and education is a high value of mine and as a result I train and learn from some of the best in the business such as Unleash the Power within by Tony Robbins, NISI with Kerwin Rae and I am proud to say that I am part of the K2 Community. 

Energy Coaching

Using the framework called Soul Modes®, we work through our emotions and cravings that we usually ignore. It is understanding the rollercoaster of emotions we go through day to day and empowering ourselves to embrace these patterns and use them to our biggest potential. 

V.a mentoring and Coaching

Starting my business from scratch has empowered me with an incredible belt of tools and experience that allows me to share my journey of success with others that are looking to start their own business and live their purpose. 

Marketing and Social Media Coaching

Marketing and Social Media – they get the wheels turning in your business and fly your flag so you can help your people. After working in the corporate sales world, I have come across my fair share of data and how to use it to your advantage to reach your ideal client. 

You get all 6 types of coaching as you need it!

live with passion and purpose 

About Jess – Who is she and why is she here

Jess is the Master of connection – through relationships, digital platforms and conversations. She is the Creator of the Totally Unleashed Podcast & courses to expand your reach in the world. A best selling Author & Mentor for the entrepreneurs ready to take their ideas to the world and move your energy from Tired to Inspired! 

She is on a mission to change the world. 

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