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Do You Need To Niche As A Virtual Assistant

Embarking on a Virtual Assistant (VA) career offers a unique opportunity to craft a job that perfectly aligns with your skills and lifestyle preferences. However, the key to success in this field lies in mastering the art of niching. Jess Byrnes, an esteemed VA coach,...


After chasing the corporate ladder and falling pregnant, I decided to jump in the deep end with my business.
I am here to execute your marketing plans and bringing your business goals to life allowing you to have the lifestyle you want. It was likely the reason you started your business in the first place!!
I can provide you with support or we have a done-for-you option if you are looking just to hand over the reigns.
From the consultation call we discuss your goals and formulate a marketing plan to implement with in your business to work towards the results you desire.
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Having a website is a great first step. However not knowing how your website is working how you want it to can be frustrating – especially if you have spent a lot of money getting it created. A great way to track your website views and traffic is by using Google Analytics. Google Analytics will give you in depth data about your website, understanding your audience and what they are looking at when visiting your website. If you haven’t got Google Analytics set up on your WordPress website yet, now is the time to get it set up. Lets take a look at how to set up Google Analytics on WordPress.

Getting started

The first step once you decide to have Google Analytics on your WordPress website is to sign up for it. The sign up process is quick and easy and you will be up and running in no time.

Signing up can be done via the below link https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/provision/#/provision

Once you are in the sign up area, there is a few questions that you need to answer in order to complete your profile. Once you have entered your personal details, website details and reporting zones you will be ready to connect the account to your WordPress account.

Connecting Google Analytics to WordPress

Now that your account is set up, you can link it to your WordPress account. You can do this manually which is quick and easy. The first thing you need to do is locate your tracking code. You can find this in your Google Analytics accounts under the Cog icon on the bottom left of the page.

Now head to your WordPress account and go to Plugins > Add New. You then need to search for the headers and footers plugin. Once found, install to your site.

Once the plugin is activated, go to Settings > Insert Headers And Footers.

You can then paste the tracking number from your Google Analytics site underneath the script in the header section.

Don’t forget to hit save once you are done.


You can also link your Google Analytics via the Google Site Kit plugin. This is a much more automated process which doesn’t involve you having to alter the coding of your site at all.

Why should I have Google Analytics?

Google Analytics helps to give you insight into your website, your customers and what they are doing on your site. It can help you to change the way your site is seen, the content you have on it and tailor it properly to your target market. It is an asset that is worth having on every website. And it is FREE. What more can you ask for?

Setting up Google Analytics isn’t enough though. You need to actually make the time and put the effort in to check your statistics and make the necessary changes. Don’t spend a lot of money on a website and let it go to waste. Get it doing exactly what you want, with the help of checking and understanding your analytics.

Jess Byrnes