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How to set up Google Analytics on WordPress

How to set up Google Analytics on WordPress

Want My Tips to Rock Your Social Media For Free?   ABOUT JESS After chasing the corporate ladder and falling pregnant, I decided to jump in the deep end with my business. I am here to execute your marketing plans and bringing your business goals to life allowing...


After chasing the corporate ladder and falling pregnant, I decided to jump in the deep end with my business.
I am here to execute your marketing plans and bringing your business goals to life allowing you to have the lifestyle you want. It was likely the reason you started your business in the first place!!
I can provide you with support or we have a done-for-you option if you are looking just to hand over the reigns.
From the consultation call we discuss your goals and formulate a marketing plan to implement with in your business to work towards the results you desire.
Jess here!

Instagram is always changing. Getting the reach and following you have in the past, may be a little more difficult now. With changing algorithms it means that you need to start changing with the way that you are posting. Using Instagram for your business can be very beneficial and when done right, can help to grow your business to new levels. But it takes more work than just dropping an image and running. You need to be taking the time to post the right things, use the right captions and actually engage with your followers. Before you post your next image to Instagram, check out my tips below for the 5 things you should be doing with every Instagram post.

Check your insights

How often do you look at your insights? Knowing information about your followers, when they look at your posts and how they are interacting with your posts is crucial.

Checking your insights regularly can help you to determine when to post. It is said that the first hour after posting is when you are getting the best engagement for algorithm purposes. This means that you should post in the time that your followers are online and scrolling their feed.

You can use your insights to determine when this is and tailor your posts to go out during the high traffic times.

Spend time engaging

Getting online and posting an image isn’t enough these days. You need to actually be active on your account and showing that you are more than just your images.

Engaging isn’t just for on your own posts though. You should be getting on there and engaging with posts that you see on your feed. Searching the hashtags that you use regularly and going through and engaging with others that use these hashtags is also helpful.

How much time should you spend doing it? It is recommended that you spend between 15 and 30 minutes a day engaging on Instagram. Do this around the time that you are posting your content. That way you can spend some time after your post goes out replying to comments that are made on it.

Utilise what the posts have to offer

When you go to post your next image on Instagram, stop and have a look at your post. Are you utilising the options and additions available to you?

Adding your location to your posts can help you to reach your local target area. By having the location switched on, your followers can see where you are located and narrow their search down to you if you’re in their local area.

Hashtags are another important part of posting and can greatly increase your reach and following. You are able to add up to 30 different hashtags per post. It is a good idea to use as many of these as you can. The more hashtags that you use, the more likely you are to be seen.

Make sure that the hashtags you are using are relevant to the post that you are putting up. Putting in hashtags that may be popular but have nothing to do with your content can actually have a negative effect on your account.

If you are showcasing another business or person in your post, tag them. Let your followers know who it is or where to purchase the product. Collaborating with other businesses and tagging each other can be very beneficial to your business.

Do your research

If you are starting out with using hashtags, it is important that you are researching the ones that you are planning on using. Instagram also prefers it if you are using unique hashtags with your posts. So rather than copying and pasting the same list of hashtags for every post, switch them up and add different ones in each time.

By doing your research with hashtags, it can help you to find the most engaging ones to add into your posts. There is no point adding 30 hashtags if they are not actually going to help your post be seen.


Get to know your audience

Obviously those who follow you are going to be people that are interested in your product or service. But is that enough? Getting to know your audience, engaging with them and building a relationship with them is going to get you far more sales than just a pretty picture.

People want to see that there is a person behind the business, someone who understands them. Someone that they can trust and want to do business with.

So take the time to get to know your audience. Build a relationship with them and it will help your business to grow. It can also help you to create your future content as you have an idea of what the target market wants to see.


Are you doing these things already with your Instagram? If not, now is the time to start.

Jess Byrnes