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Working with Jess has been amazing for my business!
I’ve recently had some major health issues to deal with, and it’s been so great to have Jess behind the scenes, taking care of my social media and helping me keep my business running.
It’s been a huge relief to know that I can focus on other things while Jess does her social media magic and my clients and followers respond so well. Thanks so much Jess, you’re an angel. Love your work!


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How to set up Google Analytics on WordPress

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Want My Tips to Rock Your Social Media For Free?   ABOUT JESS After chasing the corporate ladder and falling pregnant, I decided to jump in the deep end with my business. I am here to execute your marketing plans and bringing your business goals to life allowing...


After chasing the corporate ladder and falling pregnant, I decided to jump in the deep end with my business.
I am here to execute your marketing plans and bringing your business goals to life allowing you to have the lifestyle you want. It was likely the reason you started your business in the first place!!
I can provide you with support or we have a done-for-you option if you are looking just to hand over the reigns.
From the consultation call we discuss your goals and formulate a marketing plan to implement with in your business to work towards the results you desire.
Jess here!

A question we get asked a lot is how do I know it is time to outsource? At what point is a business ‘ready’ to outsource?

Outsourcing is the process of giving certain tasks within your business to someone else to complete. It can be very beneficial for a business to outsource and the results from it can be great. There are different periods within your time in business when outsourcing can be ideal and it is important to take these opportunities. It can be a little worrying and stressful, the thought of letting someone else take control of an aspect of your business – however once you have picked the right person for the job, you will wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. If you are thinking about outsourcing or worrying if you are ready to do so, check out the list below on times when it can be good to start the process.

Becoming too busy

If you are becoming too busy within your business and you are spending hours on end working on the business, it may be time to outsource. If you are too busy working on the smaller tasks such as sending emails, social media and customer follow up, you do not have the time to be working on things such as sales and product/service creation. This means that your business will start to come to a standstill and you will not be in a position to bring in any more business.

Outsourcing the administration type tasks can free up a lot of time for you within the business. It means that you can focus on the more important ‘money’ tasks.

Outside your expertise

Running a business as a lot of different elements to it and no one knows it all. There are parts of running a business which you may have experience in and others that may elude you. If there are parts that you do not quite understand or are not comfortable with completing – hire someone who does specialise in these areas. Hiring a book keeper, an accountant or a social media manager to take care of those tasks will not only ensure that they are done correctly but it will also take a lot of stress off you and let you get back to what you love doing.

Interfering with your lifestyle

As much as this is your business, it should not become your entire life. In order to maintain a happy and healthy you need to be able to still have your lifestyle intact. This means that outsourcing different tasks so that you can be at home with your family of a night and not stuck on your computer, or outsourcing tasks during the day so you can attend school events with your kids. You need to be able to maintain a healthy work life balance and if you are spending all your time within your business – this is not going to happen and can have negative effects on your overall health and well being.

Business is leveling

If your business went through a big boom and then has since started to level off, it may be because you simply have not been focusing on the sales and conversion side of it. This could be due to a number of different reasons, however it is a perfect opportunity to look at having someone come in and assist. Whether they are assisting by taking other tasks off your hands or by creating the sales plan – it will made the world of difference.

The hardest part of outsourcing is knowing whether or not it will work. It is hard to let go of something we have worked so hard to put together and having to trust someone else with that is pretty scary. When deciding to outsource, get the know the person that you are looking to outsource to. Ensure that they align with your work ethos and someone you can build a working relationship with. It is important that there is trust and that they will treat your business as their own.

Be cautious when choosing who to outsource too, however don’t let the nerves stop you from taking that step – it will definitely be worth it.

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